Get down to basics

3 shirts for the ideal wardrobe

The elegant shirt, the simple chic shirt and the overshirt: three perfect pieces for a complete wardrobe

Slim fit shirt in sky blue plain cotton poplin

01. The elegant shirt

It’s the one you put on in the morning without worrying about your elegance impact. One, because its fitted stretch cut goes on like a glove without restricting your movements. Two, because it is crafted in Italian easy-care poplin for fewer creases, faster drying and easier ironing. Its tight weave means it is both resistant and feels good. Three, because it comes in three essential colours: sky blue, navy blue and black. In other words, even if you’re not a professional stylist, you will never get your colour pairing wrong with this shirt.

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Regular shirt in plain Oxford khaki cotton

02. The simple chic shirt

As René Lacoste said, “elegance comes first from clothes adapting well to situations and to circumstances”. This shirt perfectly illustrates his words. In Oxford cotton, his weave with a checkered, textured effect means that the fabric feels very soft, and is both solid and breathable. Its regular cut pairs just as well with jeans as with a suit and hangs perfectly, whether tucked in or out. A classic collar, diamond pocket, cuff tubing and hem gussets... Couture finishing on a more relaxed shirt for an elegant item that is not conventional, perfect for all daily situations.

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Thick flannel cotton fitted shirt

03. This season’s (over)shirt

Thick, resistant and sufficiently wide on the shoulders, it can be worn buttoned up or open, over a t-shirt or a fine jumper depending on the season. With its neutral tone, it goes with everything, from chinos to jeans to tracksuit bottoms: all looks are covered. In a nutshell, its classic colour, its sleek finishings and its modern cut make it a new indispensable casual menswear piece.

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