#MyLacostePolo — 09.11.2015

An afternoon with…
Hyunbum Nam, Photographer

A Spotlight on Style

Hyunbum understands people. He also understands objects through his lens - you would think they're posing for him. This up and coming street style photographer and trend spotter looks for beauty in anything and everything that surrounds him. We met him in Seoul – the capital of his native South Korea – over an afternoon talk. Discussing his work, his home and his philosophy, he allowed us to reverse the usual roles, appearing in front of the camera, rather than behind it.

Basic Facts about Hyunbum

What I stand for:
Everything natural
My muse:
Legendary street photographers like William Eggleston
I'm inspired by:
Life on the street – especially the unexpected moments
I can't live without:
My camera
My favourite Lacoste polo colour:
A memorable moment:
A road trip to Sydney
The best moment of the day:
Watching the sunset from my bedroom
Favourite city:
Seoul, without a doubt
Right now I'm into:
Travelling – especially to the coast, with my camera and surfboard
My next project:
A photo book I’m going to release in June

Street Style Snaps

As a student in New York, Hyunbum photographed people in the street - just for fun. After he started to share the photos online on his blog, he quickly gained a loyal following and thousands of fans. Shooting during fashion week, Hyunbum loves capturing real life away from the catwalks – the human aspect of fashion. “Everyone is a fashionista during fashion week, but they all have their own individual look, style and taste. There's an authenticity in who they are and what they wear – I love capturing the excitement and spontaneity of these moments”.

Unexpected situations on the street often result in wonderful images that just work. That's the true beauty of real life!
Hyunbum Nam

True Colours

His life ambition? Not the spotlight, nor the fame. “I want to really know myself. What's my true colour? How can I make it even brighter and stronger? That's what’s most important to me”.

Polo possibilities

“Everything all at once - that's what inspires me about the Lacoste polo too. Casual one day, elegant and smart the next – it's charming and endlessly versatile. With colours ranging from bright ones to neutrals, the polo is like an artist's palette allowing everyone to create new styles and looks. It's like playing with a rainbow!”