#MyLacostePolo — 07.12.2015

An afternoon with...
Rafael Rivera & Javier Claverie, architects & interior designers

Only timeless design

In our search for authentic #MYLACOSTEPOLO inspiration, we stopped in Mexico City to meet with two architects-turned-interior designers, Rafael Rivera and Javier Claverie. As it turned out, their individual styles are as timeless and elegant as the designs they create in their interior design studio Habitación 116.

New spaces

The two men have no problem introducing themselves in few words. "Architect and designer by profession, obsessive and perfectionist by nature", says Javier. "Furniture fanatic and a 20th century rationalist architecture afficionado" continues Rafael. Clearly the two personalities match perfectly. "We propose a lifestyle by creating spaces through timeless interior design and furniture. Through our work, we believe we have managed to create a real perception of interior design in Mexico."

The Lacoste polo is a classic, must-have for every moment of every season.
Javier Claverie

Destination: Mexico City

Bursting with energy and zeal, it is no wonder Mexico City has become a go-to place for creative minds around the world - and these two creatives know the city better than anyone. Rafael Rivera is a Mexico City native, while Argentine-born Javier Claverie has embraced the city as his adopted hometown. Architects by education, the two came together over their passion for pure, timeless design, and started exploring interior design before forming their own studio and space for design experimenting, Habitación 116.

Refined aesthetics

Classic an monochromatic, their style naturally reveals their work aesthetics. Their style icon? Le Corbusier, bien sûr. "I consider my style to be truly timeless" says Rafael. "Which is why I wear the Lacoste polo. I have been wearing the same one for the last 15 years!"

Architecture makes you see the world from a very specific point of view. It creates particular static connections between almost everything around us.
Rafael Rivera