Lacoste Arena

The beating heart of all Lacoste cultures

From inspiration to exlporation. Lacoste Arena blends 'elegances' with 'differences' across its 1,600 m2 of diversity. Dive into a new world. Where cultures merge to become one.

Lacoste Arena

The ultimate Lacoste experience

50 avenue des Champs-Élysées
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Lacoste Arena presents


Enjoy a unique experience at the heart of your flagship store. Members' testimonies, immersive scenography... the UNDW3 community sets up camp in the Lacoste By space and plunges you into the depths of the WEB3.

Discover our new flagship store

With all its spaces & services. The Guest Room, Lacoste By, Durable Elegance, the Paris Collection and the Polo Carousel.
Express your inner crocodile

My Lacoste - customisation

Color, crocodile, initials... Click! Customize your polo shirt, your bag or your shoes on the spot and collect them the same day at the Lacoste Arena. Enjoy a unique experience. And leave with a piece created live, just for you.

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