Stories of iconicity

Be unforgettable in Lacoste... from head to toe.

The iconics? Five universal, timeless, Lacostissimal items, entirely dedicated to shaking up your style. And let the myth live on.

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Polo, tracksuit, tennis sweater, bum bag and cap cross all the generations. All the cultures. All the evolutions.
Since 1933

1. The Lacoste Polo

The Lacoste saga begins here. Invented by René in 1933, the polo shirt still unites millions of crocodiles. Whether it's Petit Piqué or Sport, it has stood the test of time. It accompanies all stories, all movements.

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Polos for all

Original L.12.12, Smart Paris, Active Movement, Golf, Tennis... the Lacoste polo shirt reinvents itself and continues to write our story. The one that dresses everyone. Without exception.
Timeless all-rounder

2. The Lacoste tracksuit

This is the story of an iconic product with an unconventional history. Long before it took to the streets and catwalks, the Lacoste tracksuit was a sportsman's must-have. From the court to the green and on all champions' grounds, its technical details are complemented by an exceptional design.

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Champions' tracksuits

Diamond weave, fleece, recycled polyester, cotton jacquard... The crocodile tracksuit mixes materials and styles for an energized wear inspired by revisited archives. Dare to mix and match.
V for Victory

3. The tennis sweater

The tennis sweater has been a sportsman's favourite since 1920 and is now worn without a racket in the hand. Modernized, the V-neck asserts its century-old signature. Reinvented, the ribbed knit remains. The retro spirit too. To exude style in the colours of the Crocodile.

The tennis sweater for him
The one and only

4. The Lacoste bum bag

A Lacoste icon since the 1980s, the bum bag is the bag of millions of crocodiles drawn to its bold lines and practicality. Multicultural, it is a pioneer. Often imitated, never rivalled, it is more fashionable than ever.

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Bum bags Forever

Horizontal zip, crocodile logo and premium quality? It is indeed a Lacoste bum bag. What's hot ? A unisex style, new shapes and new materials...
5-panel caps and many more

5. The Lacoste cap

Typical of the 90's, the Girolle cap with its 5 emblematic panels is making a fashion comeback. Team flat peak or team baseball cap?

His Champions’ Caps

Crocodile caps

XXL logos, monograms, pop colors, shapes and materials that stand out... set the tone. From forehead to toe.

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Lacoste apparel and accessories bring style to the field and to the city. For everyone. Everywhere. United... in honor of the Crocodile.
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